Company Profile 

Quadvision Infosystems is a Pvt Ltd company co founded by a couple of  ex intel employees ,with good management and solid R&D capacity.

Quadvision has been named after the Hindu Deity Brahma which symbolises “creativity”.The Logo also depicts the four facets of Brahma.

Quadvision envisions to secure a status as a leading manufacturer of notebook PCs, LCD products and smart device which are renowned for their exceptional quality.

In addition, Quadvision will take firm strides in the development of the 5Cs (Cloud, Connecting, Computing, Communication and Consumer).

Quadvision’s corporate headquarters is located in ward 9 Vidyaranyapura of North Bengaluru Constituency  and it is the hub of Quadvision’s various operations including administration, sales, purchasing, account and finance as well as its R&D center.

Quadvision will focus on aggressively cultivating its capacity for independent R&D in order to secure key technologies. Thorough and efficient in-house communication, step-by-step project completion and solid development capabilities will be the key strengths of Quadvision.

Based on the founder’s years of experience in the market, Quadvision has learnt that quality cost, service and speed of launch are the crucial prerequisites for any competitive product. And as such, Quadvision will adopt the practice of assembling dedicated R&D taskforces for different clients in various fields (i.e. notebook PC, Smart Device and other emerging products such as automotive electronics and digital consumer electronics) in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market demands while achieving significant success in the area of patent application.

With strict QA operations that commence right from the research and development phase, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, Quadvision will go at great lengths to conduct an extensive series of stringent tests driven as by its insistence on excellence and perfection.

Quadvision will collaborate with manufacturer partners in China for High Volume requirements for cost differentiation and will engage with local manufacturing houses for prototype and early development builds

Our Initial Approach

QuadVision Infosystems will  offer cutting edge Services to the global electronics players. We are specialists in Embedded design, PCB design, RF Design, Product design, Consulting Services, Product Software Development, PCB Production and Assembly services.

We will give added value to the customers looking for one stop solutions for their all requirements. We offer design services and solutions that help engineers overcome the design challenges they face in the increasingly complex worlds of engineering design.


To provide customers with cutting edge Embedded solutions that are economic, scalable

and future oriented. Our specialized skills in high end processors application design will give

added value to the customers looking for high Speed applications. Quadvision supports BSP

development for various embedded and Real Time Operating System architectures like

PowerPC, ARM, X86, 8/16 bit microcontrollers and DSP architectures such as Texas

Instruments and Analog Devices.

Name and Logo

Quadvision has been named after the Hindu Deity Brahma which symbolises “creativity”.

The Logo also depicts the four facets of Brahma.