Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology evolves at a faster pace every day. Multiprocessor scaling and differential impedance requirements, coupled with the need for faster high-performance materials, is driving circuit density and layer counts upward. Recognizing that the printed circuit board industry is a competitive global market, our PCB allied manufacturers believe in the continued pursuit of higher technology as a key component to their ability to succeed. They provide a broad product mix to our customer base, building everything from high layer count, high aspect ratio backpanels, to designs incorporating buried, blind or micro vias.

Rigid Circuits: Multilayer Technologies

Quadvision allied manufacturers can build PCB boards for you using non-leaded surface finishes that are RoHS compliant.

Partner Production Capabilities

  • Lines and Spaces (Volume 3/3 Prototype 2/2)

  • Controlled Impedance (+/- 10% Standard)

  • Blind and Buried Vias

  • Buried Capacitance

  • µvias

  • High Performance and Emerging Materials

  • Sequential Lamination

  • Ultra-Fine Pitch (0.8, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3 mm)

  • Advanced Technologies

  • High Aspect Ratio Hole Plugging

  • Back Drilling

  • Fine Line Approach: LD/Line Width/Line Space: 2mil/2mil

  • UV ink Outer Through Hole Plugging

Flexible Circuits

Flexible circuit board facilitates reduction in weight of a finished electronic product. It allows the increase in circuit density and eliminates bulky connections and wiring. The ability to fold a flexible circuit board expands the boundaries of design and packaging. Our partners’ high-volume capability in both materials technology and flexible circuit production, coupled with our component assembly facilities gives our customers a cost advantage others cannot match.