To provide customers with cutting edge RF & Wireless solutions that are economic, scalable and future oriented. Our specialized skills in RF & Microwave sub module & system design besides Cellular and Local Connectivity application design will give added value to the customers looking for one stop solutions for their high frequency applications.

Quadvison designs, develops, and manufactures Circuits, Subsystems & Systems for RF and microwave communications, used in defence, space, and telecom applications.

Quadvision RF Capabilities

  •  Fast locking, Low step size, Wide band width, DDS and PLL based Hybrid Synthesizers

  •  RF sub- modules like PA, Filter and Repeater design and development

  •  Low step Up/ Down Converters up to C Band Stringent Transceiver development

  •  GPS,BT & WLAN applications design and development

  •  One to one match module development for high cost modules

  •  Development of RF control software with GUI

  •  RF board design with high end digital signal processor interface

  •  Support for cellular products

  •  RF and Local connectivity ASIC evolution board design and testing

  • EMC/EMI testing on demand

Quadvision RF Strengths

  •  Design with highly qualified and real time expertise

  •  Design with RF guidelines and respective standards

  •  In house high quality PCB design

  • Multiple domain expertise of the team to enable easy adaptation to versatile demands

Quadvision RF Design Flow

  • Concept Study

  •  Architecture (Block Diagram) Preparation

  •  Component Selection

  •  Component Procurement

  •  Schematic Preparation

  •  PCB Layout

  •  PCB Production

  •  Components Assembly

  •  Testing and Verification


RF capabilities

Up / Down converter Specifications

S.No Specification Value
1 Frequency Range 10MHz to 6 GHz
2 Step size 1KHz
3 Frequency Reference Both internal and external with automatic switch cover
4 External Ref. Frequency 10 MHz (with customized level)
5 Internal reference stability  ±0.2 ppm
6 Power output Typical 10dBm min (+/-1.5dB variation over the band)
7 SSB Phase Noise (1KHz offset ) -80 dBc/Hz
10 KHz offset -90 dBc/Hz
 100KHz offset -105 dBc/Hz
8 Output Impedance 50 Ohms
9 Harmonics <-15 dBc (Typical)
10 Spurious <-60 dBc or below
11 Memory function yes(to store the last set frequency)
12 Supply Voltage Customized for minimum power consumption
13 Output connector SMA (F)
14 DC Connector Solder pin
15 Operating Temperature -40 to+ 85° C
16 Frequency Adjustment LCD display, fast, down, up MEM push buttons
17 Mounting requirement Provision for mounting the module to chassis to be
18 Dimension (in mm) As per the requirement
19 changing frequency As per the requirement
 1 No. of channels As per the requirement
 2 RF frequency 30 MHz – 6000 MHz, Programmable, 1KHz step size
 3 IF Frequency Any standard frequency
 4 Bandwidth Selectable –  0.25, 0.50, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 20 & 40 MHz (3 dB BW).
 5 Spurious / Harmonics response <-60 dBc
 6 Frequency Accuracy 0.002% (max)
 7 Phase Noise -105dBm typ at 100 kHz
 8 AGC Time Constants Selectable .1, 1, 10, 100, 1000 ms plus user programmable (.1ms – 6.5 sec)
 9 Noise Figure 2.5 dB typical
 10 Input Level Range +10 dBm to threshold
 11 RF Input AGC Range +10 dBm to -100 dBm
 12 1dB Compression +10 dBm, Input (typ)
 13 Return Loss Better than 10 dB
 14 Input / Output Impedance 50 Ω
 15 IIP3 +15 dBm, Output (typ)
 16 Maximum Input Level +28 dBm without damage
 17 Supply Power 230 VAC
 18 Remote Interface Ethernet, UART any other based on application
 19 Size 1U rack mountable
 20 Front panel Support for Display for Selected Frequency, Gain, BandwidthControl (Switch / button) for Local / remote LED for power, local & remote Keypad / up/ down / right left arrow for freq, gain, bandwidth selection
 21 Back panel As per requirement